5 Suggestions For Creative and weird Wedding Cakes

Because the centerpiece of the reception, wedding cakes really are a bride’s chance to create a major style statement. However, many brides don’t particularly such as the taste of wedding cake, and a few simply choose to serve something a bit more distinctive for that dessert course. Searching on a regular basis? Browse our suggestions for a refreshing spin around the traditional wedding cake.

1. Break the Mold

Cupcakes and doughnuts are trendy options to traditional wedding cakes, but good ol’ Jell-O may be the most creative new option. When molded into cake form with a little class and ingredients like tropical fruit, champagne, and lychee nut, the household picnic favorite could be changed into a stylish and refreshingly light treat ideal for a summer time or outside wedding. Plus, it’s certain to be an immediate conversation starter. Love the concept? Present it for your caterer to recreate it.

2. Wedding Cakes Made from Cheese

Scattered plates with barely nibbled bits of wedding cake are an exciting-too-familiar sight at receptions. If you wish to serve a dessert your visitors will really eat, think about a wedding “cake” made from cheese. No, and not the wealthy, packed with sugar variety with graham cracker crust – literally a cake made from cheese stacked in tiers and decorated to resemble a wedding cake. Adornments like foliage, grapes, berries, nuts, and flowers transform a creamy lancashire or unpasteurized cheddar into a more sophisticated wedding cake that may suit your decor plan.

The popularity takes off within the U.K. where cheese for dessert is prevalent. In the infancy about this side from the pond, this can be a chance that you should be truly around the cusp. Visitors having a savory soft place and individuals last holdovers in the Atkins revolution is going to be only too pleased to forego the buttercream frosting and folded fondant.

3. Blinged out Baked Goods

With regards to big day jewelry, bejeweled brides possess some competition. Now your cake can don jewellery too! You heard right, the most recent adornments hitting wedding cakes are hands-made Swarovski Very Cake Jewellery. Design a sparkilicious cake bedecked with very monograms, hearts, flowers or butterflies. Order a cake out of your local loaves of bread, then make use of the customizing tools offered at Verydifferentcakes.com to create dazzling cake jewellery for this.

4. Flavorful Fountains

Chocolate fountains instead of wedding cakes happen to be done. So place a new spin around the chocolate fountain having a colorful, flowing display of fruit coulis, that is that powerfully tangy syrup produced from raspberries, mangoes, or any other fruits and frequently comes drizzled over something similar to a flourless chocolate cake. In the fountain form, dip brownies, shortbread, along with other cakes and cookies for any sweet, fruity treat.

5. Cake Fake Out

If you want the feel of iced tiers, but want something truly surprising, have wealthy, velvety gourmet cheesecakes stacked and decorated just like a traditional wedding cake. Your visitors is going to be none the smarter until it’s time to slice up.

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Cori Russell is editor for Elegala.com and Gala Weddings Magazine. Elegala.com is really a complete wedding ceremony planning resource having a national list of wedding venues and services, how-to guides, expert consultancy, checklists and picture galleries just to walk wedding couples through all the planning process.