Events Which are Suitable for a Hog Roast

Have you ever thought about throwing a fully catered hog roast for your next get-together? Whether it is for 40 of your closest friends and family members, or for hundreds of guests at a major convention, a hog roast brings pork lovers together in an ultimate celebration capped with delicious indulgence. So, what events are appropriate for a hog roast? You’d be surprised! Here are just a few suggestions:

Large Gatherings

Are you planning an outdoor family reunion? Perhaps you have an anniversary celebration on tap for your beloved grandparents. A hog roast provides more than enough meat to feed a large crowd with leftovers to spare and enjoy for days afterwards. You can even order multiple animals for the largest of groups.

Music Festivals

Music festivals are full of happy, hungry folks ready to fill their bellies after hours of partying hard, dancing, and clapping. So, why not cater to that crowd of ravenous ravers with a delicious hog roasted to perfection? Along with vendors peddling standards like nachos and fries, a quality hog should satisfy their hunger.

Birthday Parties

Even smaller groups can benefit from a tantalizing hog roast. Just get yourself a smaller pig and complement it with various salads, like potato or macaroni, and even coleslaw. As they wait, your outdoor party goers will be sure to appreciate the ambiance and fresh aroma of your whole hog roasting while sipping on wine by firelight.

Corporate Events

Are you planning a company-wide event and you have no idea how to cater it? Well, if it’s summer, and you must feed a great deal of people, a hog roast should definitely be on your short list of ideas. Not to mention,you can be sure that your co-workers will talk about this year’s picnic for years to come.


Dressed up with apple sauce, tomato and cucumber salad, or fancy cornbread stuffing, a roasted hog at a wedding is certainly appropriate for UK weddings. While it may not be a conventional wedding choice, most couples these days are making bold decisions that differ from the crowd intentionally, anyway. That said, a good-sized hog can feed hundreds of guests, and they are sure to keep coming back for more.

In conclusion, a hog roast is a versatile catering choice. If you have to feed a large crowd, or even a small intimate party, a hog roast is a superb suggestion that you should take the time to look into.

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