How do you drink whiskey in the right way?

Whiskey is an alcoholic drink which is distilled from the grains and is stored in barrels for the perfect taste. There are a lot of different types of whiskeys available in the market, and you have to pick the best taste for yourself. It will take quite some time to taste different beverages before you can actually find your taste. There are certain things which you need to learn before you try whiskey, in order to improve the taste and your experience of drinking whiskey. You can drink whiskey straight away which is called drinking it neat or can add some water to give it a different taste. Following are some of the different ways through which you can enjoy your drink in a better way.

  • If you want to enjoy the real taste of whiskey, you are advised to drink it in glass.
  • Before you add water, you must drink and taste it neat.
  • You should smell monkey shoulder, before you take the first sip. This will enhance the taste of your drink.
  • Before you swallow, you should roll the whiskey in your mouth. It is highly suggested not to gulp the drink as you take the sip.