How to Make the Most Out of a Roasted Duck

When you purchase a roast duck at a restaurant, the man behind the counter typically hacks the duck into bite-size pieces. This helps you nibble right away once you get home. But, you can actually choose to hack the roast duck yourself so you can control how the duck cuts up and how it can be used. But if you want to roast duck yourself, look for a good roasted duck recipe online.

As you see the duck with left more or less intact, you can find a lot of possibilities with it instead of just being a single meal. You can discover a lot of ways to deploy the meat, bones, fat, and skin for a host of dishes. Below are some ways to maximize the benefits of your roast duck:

Chop Through the Bone

Because cooked duck bones are soft, you can chop the chicken through the bones using a heavy chef’s know or cleaver. Consider using a 5-inch knife so you can get into tight areas. Once you are done chopping, place the cut pieces on a foil-lined rimmed baking tray with flesh side down. Reheat the pieces in a toaster over an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit until hot and the skin is crispy. Also, you can cut the duck off the bones into smaller pieces to make crispy duck pot sticker tacos or stir-fry them with pressed tofu and broccoli.

Set Aside the Flat Skin

Duck tends to have plenty of skin. Consider setting aside the flat pieces of skin, usually from the back side, to have a down-and-dirty version of Peking duck. You can make this delectable dish by using a flour tortilla, the same sauce you use for duck pot sticker tacos, scallion, and cucumber.

Reserve the Fat

Those little packets of fat you find as you cut up the duck can be used for later. Store the fat that renders from heating up the duck in a small bowl.  You can use the fat for stir-frying stuff. This way, you can incorporate additional ducky richness in a dish.

Stir Fry Using The Sauce

The dark sauce that usually comes with the duck is a bit salty, oily, and sweet. You can toss some stuff into the wok to season vegetables. Serve this type of vegetables with the duck pieces to tie the meal together.

Reserve the Bones for Stock Later On

Freezing the bones can provide you with an improvised stock later on. You can add the bones to chicken and pork to incorporate a ducky flavour into your brew.