New To Japanese Cuisine? Check Out These Classics!

There is more to Japanese cuisine than just raw fish and sushi. In recent years, Japanese food has become incredibly popular, so much so that there are many theme restaurants in the US that are dedicated to the cuisine. You can pretty much find authentic sushi in Vail or Aspen. If you are planning to visit a new restaurant in your area and want to try Japanese food, we recommend that you check for the classics mentioned below.

For the love of ramen

Ramen is easily among the most popular dishes in Japan. This is basically a noodles soup, which is served in a broth, usually of soy sauce, pork bone, or miso soup. Ramen can have different toppings, including fresh veggies, cut meat slices and eggs. Ramen is one of the fulfilling dishes, and we recommend that you share with others to have room in your stomach for other delicacies.

Sushi & sashimi – Not the same thing, my dear!

Contrary to similar-sounding names, sushi and sashimi are not the same thing. Sushi basically contains seasoned Japanese rice with rice vinegar and additional fillings like fish, veggies or chicken. Sashimi, on the other hand, is never served with rice and will always have raw cuts of meat or fish. There are varied kinds of sushi, so ask the restaurant about what they serve, although Nigiri sushi and Maki sushi are most common. Both sushi and sashimi are traditionally served with wasabi and soy sauce, so make sure to dip your bite.

Fried like the tempura

Easily one of the best side dishes in Japanese cuisine, tempura basically refers to the style of frying. It can be made with chicken, prawns, veggies, pork, and other seafood. The filling of the tempura – could be anything – is dipped in a special tempura batter and deep fried until golden brown and crisp. Tempura is always served with a special kind of sauce, and it is believed to have origins in Portugal!

Flavors for every taste – Gyoza

Gyoza is basically the traditional version of dumplings in Japanese cuisine. Usually, Gyoza dumplings are first steamed and then seared on a pan. The filling can be as diverse as you want, but meat and veggies both are popular choices. Gyoza can be served with a wide range of dipping sauces!

Now that you have a fair idea of basic Japanese cuisine, place your order like a pro on your next visit!