Packaging Design Trends in the Food Industry: What’s New?

Packaging design has become a critical component of the consumer experience, including in food packaging. Businesses in the food industry will want to invest in new retail packaging solutions to improve the experience of their customers with snack foods, produce, dairy and meat products, ready-made meals, and more. Trends in food packaging designs are things businesses can put into practice to stay relevant and grow their customer base. These trends include the following:

Creating Packaging which Increases Shelf Life

A lot of food businesses focus on packaging which increases their products’ shelf life. They are increasingly switching to trays and barriers as these solutions let food products stay fresher and longer.

Giving Value to Sustainability

Some packages are made to prevent food waste; however, they may create waste. Today, consumers are concerned about what goes into their food and how their food is packaged. Additionally, as concerns about the environment and the impact of lifestyle on the planet are causing more customers to alter their buying behavior based on product packaging.This is the reason businesses adopt the use of more eco-friendly packaging materials and minimize over-packaging. Also, they take the initiative to minimize the environmental effects of their supply chains by optimizing their production and shipment. Packaging designs are shifting towards lighter weight materials and reduced environmental impact.

Using Reusable Designs

A trend in sustainable packaging materials is to make packaging which can be reused for another purpose. Options to reuse boxes are not limited and creative consumers can do whatever they want with their used boxes.  Reusable packaging designs are not limited to a physical state. A number of packaging solutions may be reused when they break down and decompose.

Choosing Flexible Packaging Containers

A lot of food businesses are also switching out rigid containers for lighter, more flexible ones. They may use stand up pouches for some food products. For instance, sour cream manufacturers are switching from the round, plastic container to packaging in squeezable pouches which stand up. This trend is also adopted by makers of mayonnaise, apple sauce, and others.Ensuring Convenience

Today, product packaging has been made with convenient functionality to help customers save money and time. For instance, businesses have switched from regular plastic to bags which can steam vegetables in a microwave. Studies have shown that the conversion from rigid containers and the use of smaller packages for portion control and convenience will drive growth.