Seven Foods you can Eat when you Visit a Sugar Shack in Quebec

A sugar shack meal is a sugary indulgence. Locals and tourists visit Quebec sugar shacks every winter and spring to eat soul food. A meal at a sugar shack is a rich and wonderful. If you never had an authentic sugar shack meal before, below are some options you can try when you visit a sugar shack in Quebec:


Cretons are ground pork with breadcrumbs and spices. They are often served as the starter spread on bread rolls. They tend to be lumpy without a jelly component. While it is tempting to fill up on bread and cretons before a sugar shack meal, you should never do this if you want to take in more.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup or sirop d’érable is a sugar shack side served as a staple in a sugar shack. Maple sap is boiled until it is thick and syrupy. The satisfying sweetness is something that must be poured on everything your plate. In fact, maple syrup is the only way to eat a sugar shack meal. When you visit a sugar shack, you should see readily available bottles of maple syrup on the table.


This is a meat pie of mixed pork and beef. This is one of Quebec’s signature dishes that every sugar shack should have. Tourtière is often served in pie slices; however, many shacks are now serving single servings that resemble pizza pockets or calzones.

Pea Soup

Every sugar shack serves pea soup. They come up with thick, whole yellow pea soup. This soup is simmered for up to two hours with a ham hock stewing in the middle of it.


In Quebec’s sugar shacks, eggs round out the main course of a sugar shack meal. Often, they are served as a big plain omelette shared by patrons among themselves at a given table. Also, traditional omelettes can be replaced with creamy scrambled eggs.

Maple Sugar Pie

While you may already feel you have enough of the sweets at a sugar shack, a slice of ample sugar pie is something you cannot miss out. Basically, this pie is pecan pie without the pecans plus a je-ne-sais-quoi essence of tree bark.

Pets de Soeur

This traditional Quebec pastry is covered with butter and seasoned with maple syrup, sugar, and cinnamon. Its texture may be comparable to a flaky pie crust, although some sugar shacks serve it like a puff pastry.