Superfoods are basically collection of nutrient rich natural foods, which have positive effect on your body. They provide us with large amounts of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes. Each and every superfood has its own characteristics and offers typical health benefits. They provide us with health benefits like improves mental and physical health, increases disease resistance and also strengthens immune system. Superfoods provides energy and also helps in weight loss by improving metabolism. They also help protect your heart and reduce cancer risk.

Here is a list of some common superfoods:


It is an essential ingredient in indian foods. Most of its health benefits is mainly due to its ingredient, cucurmin. it helps in boosting immunity and has anti- oxidant properties, thus used in various drugs. It is stronger than vitamin E and vitamin C. Apart from boosting immunity, it also helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and helps puts breaks on aging.


Honey is known to be an oldest medicine, used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, wounds, respiratory diseases, psoriasis, dandruff, skin ulcers. It cissaid that it can also inhibit growth of fungi, bacteria, yeast. Its antioxidant property is due to the presence of phenolics, enzymes, peptides and organic acids. It also contains minerals, salicylic acid and oligosaccharides. These increases good bacteria in colon, prevents constipation, reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.


It contains anti- inflammatory compounds like gingerols, which reduces the formation of free radical nitric oxide and inhibits development of inflammatory compounds. Ginger reduces muscle soreness and is also a pain reliever.


Also known as Indian Gooseberry helps fight common cold, builds immunity and burns fat. It has many essential vitamins and antioxidant power. It also improves eye sight and provides pain relief. According to Ayurveda, Amla nourishes respiratory system, promotes healthy nails, skin, and hair and also regulates blood sugar levels.


Coconut water is fat free, has vitamin c, vitamin B and proteins and can be consumed before workout. It is also a very good detoxification agent. Coconut can be used in foods, its oil can be used in cooking food, the oil can also be used as a moisturizer for body and helps promote hair gowth.

Ajwain: it is also known as carom seeds. It is very commonly found in all the Indian kitchens which helps reduce respiratory disorders, and used to relieve indigestion and flatulence. It also helps in weight loss. You can boil 1 tbsp of ajwain seeds in 1 litre of water and can be sipped on throughout the day.

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By Parinav Shetty