Top Tips For Kitchen Knife Safety

There have been many times when the knife fell and caused an injury to someone who cooks regularly. This is one of the most common injuries to the kitchen and one that sushi chefs are all too familiar with.

To avoid injuries, it is important to take care when handling knives. We will be discussing some best practices in knife safety.

1. Keep the Knife Sharp

Although it may seem counterintuitive to keep your knife sharp for safety, any experienced chef will tell you that blunt knives are much more dangerous than sharp ones.

This is because the chef may need to use more force when cutting with a knife that is blunt. It increases the chance of more damage to fingers or hands in the event of a mishap.

Good knife sharpness allows you to easily cut through food without needing to use extra force.

2. Keep the Knife Clean

Cross-contamination can occur in kitchens when you handle raw chicken. Certain bacteria can easily be transferred to other foods. It is important to keep knives clean before and after each use.

Hot water and dishwashing fluid are necessary to kill most bacteria. However, it is important to ensure that the knife you use does not have food particles in it. This could lead to bacteria growth.

It is easy to inspect the knives before you use them.

3. Use Proper Cutting Techniques

Professional chefs learn how to use a knife from . There are many ways to avoid injury.

A common way to cut with a knife is to keep the blade against the middle of your middle finger. This acts as a guide and helps you cut.

This can happen, but it is important to keep your other hand away form the sharp edge in case of a slip. It could make it impossible to play cryptocurrency online.

4. Always pay attention

While preparing food, it’s not a good idea for a chef to be watching television or engage in conversation. Chefs should always pay attention to what they are cutting. This will reduce the chances of making mistakes when cutting ingredients with sharp knives.

It’s not as busy as a commercial kitchen so it’s easy to make a peaceful and quiet environment for cooking and keeping people safe.

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