Tropical Smoothie – Rise of Tropical Smoothie Coffee shop

Tropical Smoothie Coffee shop is really a junk food restaurant franchise, in the U . s . States and India. Besides their fruit smoothies, these restaurants also sell wraps, sandwiches, flat breads (since 2009) and salads.

The very first smoothie coffee shop was began in 1993 and at that time it had been a smoothie shop. 4 years later, the franchise operations begun and also the first franchise store was open in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1997.

Their particular niche on the market continues to be their food products of top quality, since 1999. In 2000, Tropical Smoothie Coffee shop along with Boar’s Mind started offering cheese, meat and soups from the well-known brand. The next phase was creating a tropical theme to their stores, that have been enhanced with palms, bamboo walls, artworks and vibrant colors.

At this time there’s a brand new coffee shop open once every six or seven days. The Ten year anniversary from the franchise is at 2007.

David Master and Delora & Eric Jenrich would be the founders from the Tropical Smoothie Coffee shop. Their background was from franchise operations, so that they had an event they used to obtain the Tropical Smoothie Coffee shop off the floor. Using their growth came new hiring, including their Chief executive officer and president, Jim Valentino, who had been hired a couple of years back.

The smoothie cafes are open in India as well as in 34 states within the U . s . States. Since their growth am fast, two companies were introduced on-board to assist using the expansion.

The shop using the number 200 was open in the year 2006, in Virginia Beach. Even though many other restaurants had problems in 2007, tropical Smoothie restaurants had growth. In 2008, the entire sales were above $100 million.