Uncafe by DS Group Promotes Mindful Eating with Its Healthy and Tasty Variety of Foods

Amidst the growing obsession with the hustle culture, mindful eating is the need of the hour for improved well-being. Uncafe by DS Group India promotes mindful eating with a wholesome menu and soothing ambiance.

Mindful eating revolves around remaining aware of the food and drinks you consume. When you pay close attention to what you are eating, you begin to experience the taste and texture of every mouthful.

Uncafe by DS Group promotes mindful eating by creating a space where you can move away from the humdrum of daily life and eat without any stress or anxiety. The muted yet vibrant shades making up the interiors of Uncafe create a positive environment where you can nourish and nurture your relationship with food. In return, it makes you healthier, calmer and even helps you lose weight.

Uncafe Revolutionizes Healthy Food

Uncafe by DS Group luxury retail revolutionizes the concept of healthy eating by breaking the notion that healthy dishes are boring. The concept of “Build your own bowl” in its menu lets you top your choice of protein with fresh veggie toppings. You can add premium toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, kalamata olives, flattened chickpeas, and caramelized to your bowl.

The in-house dressings like maple chili vinaigrette, kimchi, and garlic aioli make your bowl more delicious. Uncafe is the perfect destination to enjoy nutritious meals without compromising taste. The handcrafted menu of Uncafe includes it all for customers who believe in the art of mindful eating.

Appetizers and Drinks

You can kick off the menu at Uncafe with a yummy collection of starters. For instance, you can for Totally Toasted. It is a crispy toast with gourmet butter made from mustard, garlic, and sundried tomato.

If you are a fan of Spanish omelets, you must try the Frittata from the Unplate section. The preparation contains baby potatoes, tomatoes, greens, scallions, and cheese.

Uncafe also takes an experimental approach to create its drinks. Try the cold Spanish latte with espresso ice cubes. It is a simple yet interesting beverage served with regular and sweetened milk.


You can most definitely try the Korean Salad Bowl, a contemporary twist on an old-school recipe. Incorporated with the goodness of black and red rice, the bowl makes you forget about the rice you consumed before. The taste of the Korean Salad Bowl is enhanced with tossed veggies and flavorsome kimchi.

If you aren’t in the mood for veggies, try the Fruit Salad Bowl with pineapple, grapes, blueberries, grapes, and dragon fruit sprinkled with edible flowers. The fruit salad dressing is unique, with a creamy hung curd and honey tabasco sauce blend.

Main Course

Uncafe from Dharampal Satyapal businesses is not just about the small bites. You will be spoilt for choice even in the Main Course section. Maybe you can try the Mexican Cottage Cheese wrap, a whole wheat dish with sweet potato chips and a thousand island dip.

You can even try the Italian Pea and Barley Risotto. Fresh seasonal vegetables cover the entire Risotto, and the Tomato Kombucha sauce adds a bit of sweetness to the dish. Another main course with unparalleled taste is the Yum Woon Sen, a sweet chili peanut glass noodle.


Uncafe by Dharampal Satyapal Ltd. is a match made in heaven for people with a sweet tooth. You can binge eat the desserts at your heart’s content without worrying much about the calories. One unique preparation in the dessert section is “Salt Says Hi to Caramel.” The dish is a salted caramel eclair with gooey filling and topping.

Uncafe: The Perfect Balance Between Taste and Nutrition

Uncafe is one of the DS Group brands catering to customers who intend to beat health issues by practicing mindful eating. The wholesome menu available at Uncafe will satisfy your hunger pangs without depriving your taste buds of the joy of delicious food. Visit the Uncafe outlets at Green Park or City Walk Mall in New Delhi today for a gourmet experience with nutritious food.