What Can Craft Beer Add to Your Business?

Craft beer is not long on the market, yet it continues to make waves. More and more microbreweries sprout up all over the country and New Zealand finds itself in the midst of a craft beer invasion. As a bar or restaurant owner, you are probably curious about the craft beer movement and where it is going to go.

Growth in Demand

There is simply no denying that craft beer is here to stay, and it continues to grow in popularity, particularly amongst the younger generation. Times have changed and beer drinkers are looking past mass-produced products to various craft beers that offer a lot more value for money. An expert brewery in Hawke’s Bay can now supply local restaurants and bars with all kinds of delicious craft beers that you will not find anywhere else in the country.

In places like the US, recent surveys show that craft beer brewers now produce 1 in every ten beers bought in the country. This is a massive chunk of the market and business owners who sell alcoholic beverages cannot overlook the increase in demand.


Because you are buying products locally and from specialist brewers you are going to pay more for their services. This is understandable as they are not offering mass produced products from outside of New Zealand. Craft beer is regarded as a premium product because of its modest production and use of seasonal ingredients.

If you think the slight increase in price will deter your local customers, think again. Beer lovers understand and appreciate the difference between mass produced beer and microbreweries. They like the small batch method of production and enjoy drinking the high-quality ingredients that go into craft beers.

Craft Keg

Luckily, craft beer can be stored and served straight from a keg, just like any other beer. It can be served cold and customers will enjoy the variety of brands and tastes that you now have on offer. Alternatively, if you do not serve a lot of beers on tap, you can always stock craft beers in bottles or in cans.

As a business owner in the hospitality industry, you must adapt to change and be ready to embrace new trends. If you do not, your company could be left behind and you could lose your customers to the next business that welcomes the emergence of the craft beer market. There has been an explosion in craft beer sales and changes are afoot.